What is Happening?

What is Happening?

What is happening in our country? It seems that people bent on harming innocent people, sexual predators, and immoral behavior is running rampant in our society. So we scratch our heads and ask why? What has happened that caused this?

But what do we expect when our societal view is that there is no definite truth, that God and the Biblical teachings are simply fairy tales designed to control the masses. When the government is expected to take the place of the parents, and that all the desires of everyone should be fulfilled immediately – how can there be anything but discontent when those leaders we look to fail to grant the wishes like genies? Humans are viewed as simply highly evolved animals who can solve all societal difficulties by our own wisdom or by simply writing another law. The results of these teachings are obvious – the use of opioids to try to find relief from a world that lacks a purpose, young people bullying and killing each other to get a moment of notice from others, and leaders who are held to a different standard than those they claim to represent. No wonder people are struggling to find a purpose or meaning in life and reacting in ways to get all they can for themselves rather than seeking a common good.

In times of trouble, people look for something or someone to blame. They demand an end to gun violence and killing of schoolchildren, and yet champion the killing of thousands of children through abortion. People demand others treat them the way they feel they deserve, and yet they refuse to change their own behavior. They do not stick to their marriage vows, and raise their children with permissiveness instead of discipline borne of love. Children are left to determine their own ‘genders’. Boys are not taught to be strong, faithful, respectful, and loving toward the women in their lives but rather are ‘feminized’ and marginalized. People demand that the government care for their children, supply everyone’s needs, and keep us safe (by enforcing only those laws that we think ought to be enforced). But we cannot be protected by or find meaning in a society lead by godless people whose desire is to keep their power.

The only answer to our dilemma is found in the words of Jesus in John 8:31-32 where Jesus said “If you hold to my teachings, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” The only stable standard, the only One who can give us a purpose in life is Jesus Christ. Only by returning to His Word and His standards will we ever find the ‘freedom’ that so many are desperately seeking. So long as we continue to ignore and reject God and His Word, we can expect things to go from bad to worse. 2 Tim 3:12-14