Actions or Words

Bible Lessons (2) Matthew 26:7 A woman came unto him having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at the table.

People always said that “actions speak louder than words”. How very true.

Nothing speaks louder about our commitment to Christ than how we prioritize spending our time and money. The one commodity every person alive today has in common is time.

We make conscious decisions how we will spend that time, such as going to school, work, the time we watch television, read, hopefully have our quiet time with the Lord, go shopping, etc.
We consciously decide how we will spend our day. For most of us, our time is very valuable. We guard it. We carefully schedule it. We recognize that it is a precious resource. It is critical to make the most of each day since when it is over it is never coming back.

And think about this: Time, like everything else belongs to God. It is no different from anything else we have in this life. It belongs to Him!

Only by His grace we have this commodity we call time to use each day.
He gives it to us to achieve our purpose in this life, to serve and glorify Him.
Recognize each day as the gift from God that it is. Recognize that it has been given to you for the purpose of serving Him.

That service comes in many forms. Most are called to serve Him in the day to day places life takes us, such as: the classroom, our place of work, the playground, the shopping mall. Most of us serve Him throughout our normal day to day routine. The danger is that we forget how precious time really is, and that like everything else. it belongs to Him.

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