Good Days

Scriptures of the BibleThere are two days of the week about which one should never worry – two days that are kept free from fear and apprehension. One of the days is yesterday. Yesterday with all its cares and problems, aches and pains, all its faults, mistakes and blunders has passed forever. It cannot be recalled and relived. It was mine, it now belongs to God.

The other day that one can not worry about is tomorrow. Tomorrow, with all its possible adversities, burdens, perils, its promise and successes, as well as possible failures is as far beyond our control as yesterday is. Tomorrow belongs to God; it will later be mine.

That leaves only one day for us – today. Anyone can only fight the battles of today, or resist the temptations of today. We can only carry the burdens of today successfully. If we try to add the burdens of those two eternities – yesterday and tomorrow – we will break down. Those are the burdens that only God can carry. It isn’t the experience of today that drives men mad. It is remorse for what happened yesterday and the fear of what tomorrow may bring. Those are God’s days – leave them to Him!!

How to listen to a sermon

1) Come to hear the sermons, not out of curiosity, but out of a sincere desire to know God’s word and do His will.

2) By prayer, prepare your heart before you hear, and then pay diligent attention to what is spoken from the word of God.

3) Do not hold any prejudice against the preacher, nor depend on him too much or think of him more highly than you ought to think.

4) Seek to apply what is heard to your own personal life and heart.

5) Before and after you hear God’s word, pray that God will give the preacher wisdom to understand, power to speak His word, and that He will give you the will and ability to put into practice what you have been shown from His word.

Scriptures of the Bible


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