Bible Lessons, Sermon Podcasts and Acapella Singing

Hello, my name is Stephen Williams. I currently share the Lord’s Gospel through multiple media avenues on the internet. Links below include a website, podcast site and Facebook.  In addition to these sites, I am a member to over 350 Facebook groups to which I can post.  Additionally, I advertise these posts to reach hearts and minds of the internet user.

These methods when used together currently reach thousands of viewers/readers/listeners, with each posting.

Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Take a moment to look at the different links to see what is being shared with others:  

I have been sharing the Gospel from my congregation, Arlington Church of Christ located in Cincinnati, OH. All posts on the website, Facebook and podcast site were provided by the congregation.  Since I’ve placed links on the site, Arlington’s website visits have more than doubled from a few months ago.  

Any congregation that supports this mission will receive a link to their website with any content that you choose such as a written lesson, recording or video.  When the search engines see that your congregation’s website is linked from an authority website that is dedicated to the church of Christ, then that will boost your website in the search rankings, which means more visibility.  When a person searches for a church of Christ in your area, it will allow people to find you easier and more often through internet searches and directory listings.

I have been testing postings of the gospel through my Facebook account, which has over 5000 friends and followers, sharing to over 350 groups to which I belong and I reach out to even more people throughout the internet in the form of gospel advertising (50% of the budget will be geo-targeted to the congregations zip code and surround zip codes if you choose).  

Let’s reach hundreds of thousands of people and eventually millions.

Currently, the gospel posts receive likes, shares and comments.  I enjoy responding to the comments and answering any questions or offering scriptural advice to those that want to learn more.

My goal is help church of Christ congregations increase their membership through local marketing of the gospel.  Take notice of the value below:


  • Spreading the Gospel to thousands and eventually millions of souls with your support.
  • Link(s) on the advertised post to your congregation’s website along with an inspiring Gospel message.
  • Better search rankings in Google and other online search engines to increase visibility and visits to your website.
  • Engagement on Facebook for people that leave comments, share posts and leave likes.
  • A monthly report emailed to your congregation on how many people were reached.
  • 50% of the determined funds will go to your congregation’s zip code and surround ones if you choose.

Your congregation can determine the budget and I will do the work.

Please contact this gospel mission at the email address below to ask any questions.  Please leave a phone number and I will personally call you to answer those inquiries and go over detail information for your local area and surrounding zip codes.

Send a reference email to Joe McCollum for any questions about me:  Minister at Arlington Church of Christ in Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for taking the time to read and pray on this unique and effective way to spread the gospel.

Stephen Williams

Here is my profile on LinkedIn so you can put a name with a face.